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•   Eric Lekberg  6/10
•   Suzanne Belisle (Wilkinson)  2/7
•   Donna Macomber (Foster)  12/25
•   Peter Landsdowne  12/22
•   David Marrandette  12/18
•   David Hero  11/5
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Westborough High School
Class of 1965

Welcome Class of 65 Classmates!

 We are very sorry to have to report that Covid 19 has managed to prevent our class from gathering in 2020.  We have had such a good record of staying connected every five years!  After polling our classmates we have heard overwhelmingly that most prefer to wait another year to gather.  At that time, hopefully, we will be able to not be wearing masks and the restaurant will be allowed to have functions of more than 50 people.  Our new planned date is for September 25 with a Friday night meet and greet and a Sunday breakfast for those so inclined.  I will change the dates on our sign up page to reflect those changes.  If anything else changes over the next year, we will keep you informed.

  We have this site rather than a Facebook page to ensure that no scammers have access to our info.  Our reunion committee listened to those of you who gave opinions about planning for our next reunion.  The vast majority responded that a restaurant rather than a fancy club or the K of C would be preferable.  We have secured Arturo's Restaurant for Saturday evening, Sept 25, 2021, starting at 6:00 pm.  We also have chosen Tenka near Harry's on route 9 for our Friday night "meet and greet".  You can stop by for a drink or also have appetizers or a meal.  That will just be a pay as you go type of event.  If you aren't fond of Asian food, you could grab a bite at Harry's next door first!  Dave and Paula Hero have offerred to host our breakfast on Sunday morning starting at 9:30 at their house at 1 Fay Mountain Drive. Hopefully that is early enough for any of you with Sunday flights. Check out all of the details and registration by clicking on 55 year Class Reunion in the left column.  

  Just since our last reunion, we have lost 14 more classmates as well as our friends and teachers Mr.Ballard and Miss Spinney.  Please everyone stay safe and healthy!

I have added some interior photos that I took at Gibbons Middle School which used to be our high school.  The seventh grade is in an addition which wasn't there when we attended.  The eighth grade is in the original.  I attended my grandson's Open Door day just before the start of school last fall and was impressed with the new lockers and all the other upgrades. It's looking brand new again.  Check out the photos under class of 65 photos!

With 2020 being an election year, and with diverse strong opinions out there, I am asking that classmates please refrain from using this site as a platform for political statements.  Lets just keep this a fun place to visit.

 If any of you have any plans to visit Westborough at any time, please let me know and I'll send out an email to see if people might be able to get together for a drink, a lunch, or just a chat.  We can use this website to keep people in touch even when a reunion is not the focus.

When you visit this site for the first time, ignore the email and password box,  click on "Classmate Profiles" in the left column, find your name in the list and enter from there. That is where you will put in your email address and establish your own password to use when you sign in to the site in the future.  Your address, phone and email will not be able to be seen by anyone but the administrator (me).  Once signed in you will be able to visit all the other classmates who have signed in as well as view pictures that have been posted under the heading "Class of 65 Photos".  You also have the ability to add to those photos and to post photos on your profile page (yes, we'd love some recent photos!).

Please join the website and start exploring! Check back often as new things will be added.

Paula        ( nice little videos)


link for Westboro yearbooks