Westboro Trivia Questions

I added a question or two about every other week prior to our reunion in 2015 until we had totaled 10 questions (or more).  The classmates who answered the most correctly won a prize  announced at the reunion. 

We had two classmates who got 100% on the trivia contest! John Farquhar and Linwood Stockwell

The answers are

1. Sleighs

2. Strand; Edgemere, Shrewsbury, Auburn, Natick, Quaker,Leicester

3. Baptist Church

4. Admiral Denfeld

5. Blois's, Rexalls; Swans, Modern (tony's); A&P, First National

6. Bleachers in the gym

7. Herman's

8. Merrie-M

9. Harvey, Eli Whitney, and New Elementary School (now Armstrong)

10.  Paula Haynes Skog smiley


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1)   In the years 1870-85, nine companies made what product that Westboro was known for at that time.

2)   What was the name of the movie theater that many of us went to in the center of town? and name three drive-in movie theaters near Westboro in the 1960's

3)   Westborough had an authentic Paul Revere Bell that now hangs in Boston's Old South Meetinghouse. In which church steeple in Westborough did it hang for over 100 years?

4)   What Westborough native served as Chief of Naval Operations under President Truman?

5)   In the 50's and 60's we had 2 of several types of stores. Name 2 Drug Stores, 2 Grocery Stores, 2 Hardware Stores (before Village Lumber)

6)   During grades 6 and 7 in the Forbes Building, where did we have to sit to eat our lunches?

7)   What store on Main Street in Westboro when we were in school used to supply our gym suits and scout uniforms?

8)   What is the name of the coffee shop/luncheonette, rooming house across the street from the Forbes Building where we had "junior high"

9)   What were the names of the three elementary schools in Westborough while we were in elementary school ourselves? grades 1-5.

10)   Elected in 1990, who was the first female selectman in Westborough?